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Winter 2019 issue
Kirsten Flagtad #2
Ivar Andresen
Isidoro Fagoaga

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Main feature

Kirsten Flagstad
The incomparable
Kirsten Flagstad(1895-1962)

A FASOLT presentation of the career and the recordings of this legendary Norwegian soprano
Part 2 of Fasolt`s presentation
Visitors can access:
A detailed presentation of her repertory and performances including some comments about events/decisions thar effected her career
An organized presentation of her performances starting from the summer of 1934.

Part 1 of this presentation
(Sep 2108) includes:
Her detailed discography including an addendum which includes the discographie`s sources, explanation of its structure and other comments.
A repesentative sample of her recordings.

Spotlight on forgotten artists
Ivar Andresen
Ivar Andresen
Discography, Biography, Chronology,Sound

Isidoro Fagoaga
Isidoro Fagoaga
Discography, Biography, Chronology,Sound


From a 1952 RAI Broadcast: Oliviero di Fabriitis conducts this little-known verismo jewel with impressive performances by Carla Gavazzi as Katiusha and Nicola Filacuridi as Prince Dimitri.
from Fasolts`s Archive
During the 1960s and early 1970s the RCA Victrola LPs were a inexpensive gateway the large number of 78rpm recordings of the RCA Victor Archives. FASOLT`s discography first published in 2001 is an attempt to present the vocal/operatic music that was issued under this label.

Access discography Access discography

Read FASOLT`s commentary on the evolution of this label, RCA`s engineering shortcuts and the resulting demise of its LPs.

FASOLT presents a series of CD's dedicated to Greek Opera Singers.

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  Adami-Coraddetti, Iris   Affre, Augustarello   Albani, Carlo
  Amato, Pasquale   Andzaparidze, Zurab   Angelopoulos, Yiannis
  Ansseau, Ferdinand   Balguerie, Susanne   Beets, Theo
  Bellincioni, Gemma   Bender, Paul   Bettendorf, Emmy
  Bockelmann, Rudolf   Boninsegna, Celestina   Borthayre, Jean
  Bronskaya, Elisabeta   Carelli, Emma   Cetra Live series
  Cetra Studio series   Chaliapin, Feodor   Corelli, Franco
  Corsi, Emilia   Court Opera Classics   Davydova, Vera
  De Lucia, Fernando   De Lussan, Zelie   de Strozzi, Violetta
  Del Campo, Sofia   Delendas, Antonis   Easton, Florence
  Epitropakis, Petros   Flagstad Kirsten   Fleta, Miguel
  Fonotypia reissues   Garden. Mary   Gauthier, Jules
  Gerville-Reach, Jean   Granda, Alessandro   Helena, Edith
  Hempel, Frieda   Il trovatore   Ivoguen, Maria
  Jellinek, George   Kirchner, Alexander   Kozub, Ernst
  Kumsiashvilli, Niko   Kuznetsova, Maria   Lappas, Ulysses
  Lavrova, Tatyana   Lazaro, Hipolito   Lemnitz, Tiana
  Liebl, Karl   Lindi, Aroldo   Madama Butterfly
  Magini-Coletti, Antonio   Mapleson Cylinders   Martin, Riccardo
  Martini-Rossi on Cetra   Melchior, Lauritz   Minighini-Cattaneo, I.
  Mitropoulos, Dimitri   Nezhdanova, Antonina   Nikolaidi, Elena
  O`Sullivan, John   Onegin, Sigrid   Pagliughi, Lina
  Ponselle, Rosa   Preiser LV Discography   Price, Leontyne
  RCA LM Discography   RCA VIC(s) Discography   Rethberg, Elisabeth
  Roselle, Anne   Rosvaenge,Helge   Scotney, Evelyn
  Slovtsov, Piotr   Smirnov, Dimitri   Sobinov, Leonid
  Souliotis, Elena   Stevens, Risee   Storchio, Rosina
  Stracciari, Riccardo   Synek, Liane   Talexis, Amelie
  The Russian school   Thill, Georges   Traxel, Josef
  Turandot   Urlus, Jacques   Vallin, Ninon
  Vinay, Ramon   Voelker, Franz   Warren, Leonard
  Zanelli, Renato   Zenatello, Giovanni  

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